Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Breakdown

Marvel Studios just dropped the first teaser/trailer for next years Avengers: Infinity War.  This film, along with the untitled Avengers 4, will bring the story arc started back in 2008 with Iron Man and spann 18 films to a close.  This unprecedented culminating arc will bring the Guardians of the Galaxy & the Avengers together to stop the Mad Titan Thanos and his Black Order who seek the Infinity Stones to bring balance to the Universe.  We have plenty of time for theories and discussion, but I’m gonna go ahead and talk about what we just witnessed which has become the most viewed trailer of all time with 230 million views in a 24 hour period.

First lets take a deep breath and gather ourselves, for this trailer has lots for us to feast upon.  It kicks off with an orbital shot of a world that could be in peril.  Could this be a ravaged Xandar after Thanos takes the Power Gem, a ruined Earth after his conquest, or a look at his home Titan?

Nick Fury’s Avengers mission statemen is then heard only this time the phrase is shared between our heroes, notably a defeated Tony Stark holding Parkers hand, a blonde Black Widow, & The Vision who has adopted a more human look.  It appears Bruce Banners fears of loosing himself in the Hulk during Thor: Ragnarok can be put at ease for now.  He is found in a crater by Doctor Strange & Wong in what looks to be Stranges Sanctorum.  Did Thanos just slap the Hulk back into Banner?

While Josh Brolin’s Thanos banters about the false hope of heroes meeting their destiny and accepting loss, we see Peter Parkers arm hairs stand up on end as an homage to his Spider-Sense.  From his schoolbuss window he see’s a giant metal ring looming above the city.  Loki steps through several dead bodies, presumably the survivors of Asgard, to hand over the Tesseract to Thanos as a bargaining chip for his failure during Avengers.  Does he spare Loki after all this time?

As this bantering concludes we see Thanos come through the portal in all his glory.  Next up is a shot of Spidey in the new Iron Spider suit Stark offers at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming as T’Challa begins to speak.  While he orders the evacuation of “the city” and the engagement of defenses we see Thor struggling with pulling/holding levers in another circular device.  Is this the end for the Odinson?

Proxima Midnight of the Black Order hurls her spear towards someone strong enough to catch it.  T’Challa ends his statement by ording someone to get a shield for “that man” as the Nomad, Steve Rogers steps out of the shadows.  An updated Hulkbuster flies in then we cut to several spires stabbing into the ground.  Alien army transports or world killing device?

As Thanos speaks of fun, bringing balance to the universe, and it all putting a smile on his face we see him choke slam Spider-Man.  Do you think the wall-crawler can scamper out of that one?

As the visual kaleidoscope continues, The Visions Mind Stone is being forcibly removed by Corvis Glaive while the rest of the The Black Order pin him down.  Glaive’s weapon of choice in the trailer matches that of previously released images.  Will The Vision function without the Mind Stone?

Thanos adds the Space Stone to his glove which already contains the Power Stone that was on Xandar then cuts to him delivering a mean right to Iron Man.  Can Stark survive that kind of hit?

As the trailer wraps up we see a huge battlefield sequence, likely in Wakanda where the Soul Stone resides.  On the charging front line The Winter Soldier is locked and loaded with a new bionic arm, Steve Rogers is rocking some Wakandan gauntlets, and Rhody appears to have recovered and returned to drop tanks as War Machine.  The trailer ends with a beat up, confused, one-eyed Thor looking across the bridge of The Milano at the Guardians of the Galaxy asking just who the hell they are.  Will they make it to Earth in time?

There is no doubt the level of awesome this trailer has provided, however there are two key things to keep in mind.  First, there could be a handful of scenes here that they intend to be in the film but do not make the final cut.  Second and most important, Hollywood likes to throw trailers at us that are arranged in a sneaky, misdirected way to make us think one thing when it’s actually another.  For example, there are several shots scattered across this trailer where we see the decimated background where Thanos walks through the portal, adds the Space Stone, knocks out Iron Man, ect.  Regardless this film will be the biggest and best that Marvel Studios has to offer and will undoubtedly set the bar for future comic team-up films.  Be sure to check back for more on Thanos & his Black Order, Marvel Comics Infinity Saga, and the current location of the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.