Arrow Review: ‘The Huntress Returns’

imagesThe last time we saw Helena Bertinelli, aka The Huntress, she was attempting to bring her mob boss father down for the crimes he had committed.  Oliver saw some of himself in her, so he began to train her as a vigilante.  They became lovers.  Oliver tried to help her find justice, but in the end her dark side was too much to contain.  It was revenge and vengeance that she was craving instead.  They end up parting ways, The Huntress warning him to stay out of her way.  But Oliver expects to see her down the line.

We open ‘The Huntress Returns’ in a strip club scene.  A woman, who ends up being The Huntress in disguise, goes into the back room for a private dance.  The customer just happens to be her father’s lawyer.  The Huntress still wants to exact revenge on her father who is in police protective custody.  After swearing that he knows nothing, The Huntress kills him anyway.

S030X-320-ARW1-10-20-290x160Meanwhile, Oliver is preparing to open up his new night club.  Helena shows up at his home requesting help.  He has no interest, saying that “it’s murder” and “not justice.”  Helena points out that she will exploit his weaknesses, family and friends, if he will not help her.  During the opening of the night club, Helena shows up.  She threatens to hurt Oliver’s best friend, Tommy Merlyn, if he doesn’t help her.   Oliver reluctantly agrees to help so that he can try and contain the situation.  The plan is to follow two vans the Feds are using to move her father.  One van is a decoy, the other has her father.  The plan backfires when The Huntress’ van ends up being a trap set up by the police, who knew she was looking for her father.  Oliver, as The Arrow, springs her from police headquarters to protect his true identity, information The Huntress had on him.

Arrow Episode 17 Huntress_05Oliver gave Helena one last chance to leave his city.  Instead of leaving, she forces Smoak to help her locate her father’s safe house.  When Oliver finds out, he realizes that Diggle was right all along.  He knew what he had to do.  As The Arrow was ready to end The Huntress’ vengeful ways, the cops arrive.  First on the scene happens to be Olivers’ girlfriend.  She takes a shotgun blast from The Huntress, who gets away.  Oliver’s girl survives the blast due to the bulletproof vest she was wearing.  However, she must move away to Coast City for her long and extensive rehab.

Other episode notes:  Throughout the episode, Tommy Merlyn is having trouble with his best friends secret identity, but makes peace with it by the end of the episode.  There is photographic evidence that points to the survival of a girl that was believed to die during the boating accident with Oliver.  Oliver’s little sister, Speedy, is saved by an outcast who may turn out to be more than meets the eye.

Island Flashback:  vlcsnap-2013-03-22-13h45m56s127There weren’t as many Island flashbacks as I would’ve liked.  Oliver and Wilson decide that the missile launcher must be destroyed.  With a brilliant plan from Oliver, they are able to ambush the soldiers before they can send for help.  Before they finish setting up the charges, Oliver notices a circuit board and takes it.  He says the launcher will not work without it and they could use it as a bargaining chip…pun intended.  They call the dude in charge and tell him that they will trade the chip for a way off the island.

Next week: Vigilante vs Vigilante!  Oliver must confront a vigilante who has been inspired by the actions of The Arrow.  This vigilante is capturing criminals and judging them live on the internet.  Catch “Arrow” Wednesday nights at 8/7 central on The CW.

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