AMC’s The Walking Dead Death Teaser Is frustrating

Today in anticipation of today’s The Walking Dead Panel at SDCC ’16, AMC released the below teaser.  In short, it was just that, a teaser.

It contained reused footage and audio clipped together to create anticipation and excitement for Season 7.  However, I feel it just brought back a sour taste in my mouth.  It reminds the fans that they used a cheap gimmick to force viewers into returning and that they are continuing the ruse months later.  For those who do not know, at the end of season 6 they introduced the new big bad, Negan (Jefferey Dean Morgan), who’s introduction in the comics included the death of a beloved main character.  However, after building up this anticipation all season they did not deliver, instead showing the murder but leaving the victim a mystery.

The only information that fans know is a quote from creator Robert Kirkman.  When asked who dies at the hand of Negan, Kirkman answered, “It’s not Rick.”.  No kidding Kirkman!  That is almost as frustrating as show runner Scott M. Gimple’s season finale parlor tricks.  I do not anticipate or expect to learn anything about who died from today’s panel or upcoming trailer.  I just wish they would stop rubbing this cheap gimmick in our faces under the presumption that they are giving us something cool and exciting.


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