Talking to Lizards…Advance Review of “The Saviors” #1

saviors01_coverJames Robinson is one of my favorite writers, and I’ve been looking forward to his first issue of “The Saviors” from Image.   Just what IS “The Saviors”?  The short version is that “The Saviors” is a story with excellent promise, and if you’re a fan of Robinson’s writing or J. Bone’s artwork you should grab it right away.  For the longer version….


“The Saviors” centers on a half-baked (okay, he’s completely baked about right now) character named Tomas Ramirez.  He’s a slacker who never left his small hometown, living at his uncle’s place and working at the local gas station while the rest of the world passes him by.  He’s talking to a lizard…yes, a small scaly lizard…as the story starts.  By the end of this issue there’s a lot stranger stuff going on as Tomas stumbles onto an alien conspiracy that may prove a threat to the entire planet!  Can he stay alive…and if he can will anyone listen to him?  That’s just the beginning of this story, and for the rest you really need to grab “The Saviors” #1.

James Robinson is giving us an excellent tale of danger hidden in a small town.  I’ve never seen exposition handled between a person and a lizard before…but it works here.  J. Bone’s black and white  illustrations are perfect for this story, and the result is an excellent start to this series.  This issue basically sets the stage for the bigger story, giving us an intro to Tomas and a picture of the danger he faces. There’s a lot  yet to be told – meaning it’s hard to pass a full judgment on this series from just the debut issue.  But, “The Saviors” does hold a lot of promise – and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

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