Reality Is Just a Concept – Advance Review of “Bounce” #8

The world’s first slacker superhero is losing his grip on reality piece by piece.  He’s flipping between worlds, with more mysteries showing up for each one that resolves.  When we last left Jasper, he was watching another powered character falling…rather, jumping to his probable death.  What more can happen to the Bounce?  That’s where we pick up with “Bounce” #8.


There is no use trying to hold down the story…this super died on live TV.  The rush is on to claim the body, while the Darling hints at a darker purpose for that amazing machine being built in secret.  Meanwhile, Jasper is flipping once again between worlds, having serious conversations with both his brother in one reality and with Zander in the other.  Just where DOES he belong?

There are so many layers to this complex and entertaining story…the relationship between Jasper and his brother, the drug issues each faces, Jasper’s attempt to find just where he belongs, the dangers in both worlds, and the Darling’s mysterious connection to it all.  This is so much more than a “slacker superhero” story, as we see Jasper trying to make sense of both worlds and trying to take on responsibility for the first time in his life.  Joe Casey is weaving a wonderful, mind-bending tale, and I’m enjoying every page.  The art team does a wonderful job in setting the stark differences between the dark and gritty “real” world and the fantastic, even surreal “other” reality.  That team – David Messina on pencils, Sonia Harris with graphic design and story consult, Gaetano carlucci on inks and Giovanna Niro with colors – is putting together one of the most visually impressive titles on the shelf today.  It’s not just the big things…it’s the little things, like how the page layouts in the “real” world are set against a black page while the “other reality” shifts the background to white; it’s how the light and shadows and even the colors change between the realities.   This is a very different and highly entertaining superhero story, one well worth adding to your buy pile.