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Coming soon to a LCS near you is a truly amazing series – “Molly Danger” by Jamal Igle.  If you were fortunate enough to get the Action Lab FCBD comics, you’ve already been introduced to the “World’s Most Powerful 10 year-old” (and if not follow this link and you can see the FULL FCBD issue, reprinted with permission from Action Lab).  Molly Danger is truly “the hero you’ve been waiting for”…and fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer.


Molly Danger is the hero of Coopersville, New York, and has been for 20 years…even though by appearance and action she is still only 10 years old!  She is super strong and seemingly immortal…and yet, even in a crowd she is very alone.  Molly has the support of a formidable support team, from the organization known as D.A.R.T (the Danger Action Response Team), and she needs that support as she fights the Supermechs, cybernetically-enhanced super-villains who seem attracted to Coopersville.  We get a great introduction to Molly in this first book, and to the key players in D.A.R.T.  We also learn just how lonely it can be when you are 10 years old for two decades, and when people are both in awe of and afraid of you.  This is a story with plenty of nuance, and with multiple story threads that are expertly woven together by Jamal Igle, who also handles the artwork for this series.

As for that artwork?  Amy Reeder (an amazing artist in her own right) noted in an interview published previously on this site that “It’s (Jamal’s) best stuff so far”…and there is no argument from this corner.  This is some of the best artwork you will find anywhere in comics today.  It’s not just the action sequences that are handled so well – be sure to take a look at the facial expressions, at the emotions that are expressed throughout the book.  There is so much subtlety to be found here…the kind that adds so much to the enjoyment of this excellent title.

The bottom line? The tag line for “Molly Danger” is spot on – she IS “the hero you’ve been waiting for”.  Keep an eye out for the “World’s Most Powerful 10 Year-Old” – and talk to your LCS now about ordering “Molly Danger”!


Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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