Action Lab/Danger Zone Delivers DangerDoll Squad

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*Vampblade/Zombie Tramp/Dollface* Ginormous Crossover Event! 

Just in time for Halloween Action Labs delivers the mother of all crossovers!

A huge event blurring the lines between the three Danger Zone mature comic books: Vampblade, Zombie Tramp and the newest member of the family Dollface.

From the amazingly deranged minds that brought you Zombie Tramp, Vampblade and Dollface comes the big bad mother of all crossovers: Action Lab/Danger Zone presents the DANGERDOLL SQUAD! Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin have brought their girls together just in time to deliver us some Halloween hijinxs. With the amazing art from Winston Young, DangerDoll Squad issue #1 hits your local comic book stores today 10/11/17.

I’m going to warn you that as always my reviews will contain obnoxious spoilers and my slightly skewed, biased opinions. Isn’t that what you all love and adore about me anyways? But enough about me, we are here to discuss three other violent vixens. I mean I can share the spotlight for a second for these divas of disaster. I’m talking about Janey Belle the zombie queen or Zombie Tramp, Katie Carva the part time nerd/ part time superhero Vampblade and the newest face Lila Thorsguard the Dollface witch hunter. Instead of Charlie’s Angels picture more of Ivan’s DangerDolls

**Keep reading for my review of DangerDoll Squad #1.

Up until now our 3 sexpot superheroes have resided within their own books. With the exception of Zombie Tramp who seems to really get around; but I will get to that later. Those three books (Zombie Tramp, Vampblade and Dollface) exist within the same universe created by Dan Mendoza and Jason Martin. They created one cohesive world intentionally with a giant crossover in mind. Any long standing fans of any of these titles will be thrilled with this trippy adventure, and I’m sure it will cast a spell over many new fans as well. Jason and Dan make it extremely easy to jump on board with DangerDoll Squad even if you have never picked up at book at all.

The Road So Far:

On the road to DangerDoll Squad there are a few issues that you might want to pick up just for some background on how these girls ended up fighting “Necro Powered Penis Invaders” together. Vampblade Season 2 issues 6 and 7 are out now and have the lead up into all this craziness.


Issue #6 has Zombie Tramp summoning Katie (Vampblade) back from her recent adventures in space. Katie and Janey have a not so cozy history as they have previously tangled in Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade. These two clash on almost everything! Vampblade issue #7 has Katie and Janey meeting up with the last member to round out this toxic trio. The “other girl” that Janey is referring to would be another not so friendly ally named Lila Thorsguard. Lila is the reincarnated soul of a young witch hunter girl. Her sole mission is to destroy all witches. Witch is why the first time Lila met Janey Belle it didn’t go very well either.(*see Zombie Tramp vs Doll-Faced Witch Hunter 0) Finally we have DangerDoll Squad #0 the prelude to it all. This book is super cool for new fans and people looking to get into this series. It gives you a brief history of all the characters involved and some background on why/how they are all connected in this new series.

Witch (yea i spelled it that way on purpose) leads us to the epic DangerDoll Squad #1. This inaugural crossover issue is big time fun. I’m a longstanding fan of all three of these special characters, but put them together and look out! These three ladies do not play nice together and that is secretly half the fun for me. I love their constant bickering that leads to some supernatural smackdowns. As always you can expect the same level of humor, nudity, bad language and overall general depravity that makes these books so much fun! It also makes DangerDoll Squad another hit mature title for Action Lab/Danger Zone.

In issue #1 Lila, Janey and Katie find out that they are linked together by their enemies which have now joined forces thanks to pesky technology. Zombie Tramp seems to be the linchpin uniting all 3 girls together for one common purpose. They may not get along, they may not want to fight together but they are going to have to learn because the whole world is depending on them. As much as they hate each other they can agree they hate the big bad even more. It took some nerd on the internet, Janey’s evil spirit book, and Katie’s space parasites to create one hell of a threat to their world.

Ivan sucks all 3 girls into his cyber dimension and debriefs them quite literally and figuratively. He is such a funny little pervert it’s hard not to appreciate his attempts to make Katie’s boobs bigger and dress them all hella sexy. Ivan also intervenes and makes it so the girls can not fight each other in his realm where he is virtually god. Equipped with the knowledge of their new joint mission and super new costumes, the girls head out to fight the techno-enhanced space parasites that are infecting everyone. They quickly come to the realization that they are in over their heads right before the book comes to a sudden “to be continued” conclusion.

Leave it to Martin and Mendoza to leave us hanging, but in the best way possible. I can’t wait to get deep into the next issue with some triple powered ass whoopings, at least a girl can dream right? DangerDoll Squad hits all the right spots for me and I give issue #1 a massive, hard 10/10. This is a f*cking mature title people, so as always not for the kids or younger readers. I can’t wait to get my hands on a risque variant cover of DangerDolls #1 today!

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