A Superior Spider-Man…Amazingly So

IMG_5164It seems that a popular trend in our entertainment industry is the reboot.  With the lack of creativity people are reaching back to polish off old successful ideas.  For example, classic bands that get back together to record their “last album” and “last tour”.  It’s become more prominent in the film industry when directors get their hands on a classic, and try ever so hard to reinvent the wheel.  In the gaming industry they try and redevelop interest in older titles in order to keep the player coming back.  Most of these things are hit and miss on their success, but there is one medium in which rebooting has become the most successful, the comic book industry.  Recently Marvel and DC have rebooted several of their top character books.  Most notably for Marvel, is that they took their artist and writers and have switched and mixed them up to get a fresh start for all these books.  I am actually a big fan of this strategy.  Hi, you can call me Geronimo.  I’m here to talk about all things Marvel, and I am starting off with the reboot of one of my all time favorites: The Spectacular, Amazing, and now Superior Spider-Man.

RECAP:  In case yoIMG_5163u are unaware we jump right into the very last book in one of Marvel’s longest running series, The Amazing Spider-Man #700.  At this point ,one of Spidey’s most notorious foes, Doctor Octopus, has switched minds/souls with Spider-Man.  Now in the body of Peter Parker, Octavius is determined to ruin Spider-Man and exact his ultimate revenge.  Meanwhile, Parker in the body of Doctor Octopus is trying to lure out Octavius in order to reverse the process, but ends by losing the battle and his life.  Before dying his life begins to flash before his eyes, and through the eyes of Octavius.  Overwhelmed by the memories of Parker, Octavius realizes the life and power he has inherited must carry with it a great responsibility. This culminates into a new and improved Superior Spider-Man.

NOW:  Is that really the end of Peter Parker?  Of course not.  Somehow IMG_5172the ethereal conscience of Peter Parker is hanging on.  His voice is rattling in the back of Ocavius’ mind…sometimes having an impact…sometimes not.  Octavius has begun to enjoy the fruits of his sacrifice.  However, some of his personality traits are starting to show through, in both good and bad ways.  He begins to exhibit some mad scientist like qualities.  He creates small spiderbots to help him more efficiently patrol the city, giving him more time to spend with MJ and Aunt May.  This is something that even impresses the ethereal Parker.  As Spider-Man, Octavius’s methods and combat have become more relentless.  He nearly kills Boomerang, possibly kills The Vulture (they didn’t really specify), and is out to eliminate recently escaped serial killer, Massacre.  Oh yeah, and the Green Goblin just showed up, so who knows how that will go over!

All in all, I have really enjoyed reading this new chapter of Spider-Man.  I like what they have done with the story, thanks to Dan Slott, and the possibilities of what is in store for the readers.  The artwork is also fantastic, as usual, thanks to Giuseppe Camuncoli and Edgar Delgado.  I highly recommend this book, especially if you like a story that’s not afraid to do something a little different.  The Superior Spider-Man continues with book #5, available March 6th.

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