Polaris: Mystress of Magnetism

Yesterday, Fox unveiled the first full trailer for their next series set in the FoX-Men Universe, The Gifted.  The series is centered around the Stucker family, who after an incident at school, discover their children are mutants.  They must go on the run from the very government agency the father of the family works for, who hunts down mutants.  The Strucker’s will receive help while on the run from an underground network of mutants, among those is  Lorna Dane/Polaris.  In the trailer, she can be seen in the beginning, sans green hair, inside of a plastic bag-like cell and a few times using her magnetic gifts.  But just who is this mystress of magnetism? I thought you’d never ask.

Lorna Dane first appeared in the pages of Uncanny X-Men #49 where her X-Gene was activated by Mesmero, calling her Queen of the Mutants.  In that same issue, Magneto claims to be her father as she can control magnetism in the very same way he can.  It wasn’t until Uncanny X-Men #60 that she appeared as a member of the X-Men as Magnetrix.  She received the name Polaris in Uncanny X-Men #97 by Davan Shakari/Erik the Red, a Shi’ar Intelligence Agent who had taken over her mind.  During her time with the X-Men, she developed a relationship with team member Alex Summers/Havok and eventually left the team together.  After coming under control of Marauder member Malice, her powers are stripped and absorbed by her half sister Zaladane.  Afterwards, a secondary mutation occurred allowing her to absorb and amplify the negative emotional feelings around her along with changing her height and density.  This new power set made her vulnerable and easy to fall under the control of The Shadow King.  Upon his defeat, Zaladane’s death, and a good ol’ psychic blade stab, courtesy of Psylocke, Polaris’s original magnetic powers were restored.  It was at this point that her and Havok led a new X-Factor squad from issue #70-149.

Eventually, X-Factor was disbanded and Polaris was revealed as one of The Twelve, a group of mutants destined to bring about a new age for mutantkind.  She helped defeat Apocalypse and later had her biological connection to Magneto confirmed with a blood test in Uncanny X-Men #431.  In the wake of M-Day, her powers were lost once again thanks to her sister Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, who relieved several mutants of their powers with her reality warping abilities.  Her powers were once again restored by Apocalypse who had taken and transformed her into the Horsemen Pestilence.  She led the Starjammers for a time against Vulcan during the War of Kings.  Her and Havok sided with Wolverine’s X-Men during Re-Genesis, which saw the X-Men split over Cyclops and Wolverines ideologies.  She led the corporate owned All-New X-Factor and fought beside her father in defense of Earth in the Last Days building up to Secret Wars.  Polaris is scheduled to make her return in X-Men Blue #8 as part of the ongoing crossover event Secret Empire.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that they potentially have a great character to build this series upon.  She has the baggage, trauma, and complicated mutant relationships to both heroes and villains that make her story as good as any to showcase in this series.  While I don’t expect to see any big character appearances on The Gifted, I hope they keep her heritage to allow at least the name drop of Erik Lensher or Magneto.  The comic geek in me hope she gets green hair, or something green, as the series unfolds and understands if they don’t.  But seriously Fox, Green Hair.  Do it.  So, Comic Nation, are you stoked like Cecil for Polaris and The Gifted or do you not care until the mouse has all the pieces?  Let us know and keep checking back for more character profiles for The Gifted this fall on FX.

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