1st Annual Comic Con Revolution Invades Ontario Califonia

Recently yours truly was given the most amazing opportunity to not only attend but take part in the 1st annual Comic Con Revolution in Ontario, Ca. I was asked to moderate one panel but ended up helping out and taking over a second panel as well. Comic Con Revolution is a new con for the Inland Empire organized by Atomic Crush Events. ACE is an event consultation and management company that was built on experience and innovation. They set out to create the best experience possible for attendees, exhibitor, and guests alike. This company is setting out to revolutionize the con experience and if this past weekend is any indicator, they are going to do big things!

Comic Con Revolution was held Saturday, May 13th at the Ontario Convention center in Ontario, Ca. Just a 1 day event this year that exploded onto the convention scene. I must say after experiencing a few different Comic Cons, I was impressed with what ACE had achieved in Ontario. The convention center was gorgeous, and modern. Parking wasn’t bad at all. It cost $10 but was within very reasonable walking distance. My only criticism would be on approaching the convention center there wasn’t as much advertising or fan fare as I would have expected. I was looking for some big banners or welcome signs and wondered for a second if we had even gone to the right place.

I was super excited and nervous to get inside and scope things out. I wanted to see where the panel room was that I would be speaking in. After a super speedy check in I went inside the main exhibitors hall. Compared to Wondercon this room looked super tiny, but let me tell you that was very deceiving. Small as it was in comparison, it packed quit the punch. I think by the end of the day there were still new booths I was discovering. I was like a kid at Christmas! Dave and Busters was a huge sponsor and had a booth where you could spin the wheel and win cool prizes. I was hopped up on sugar from eating giant pixie sticks all day, thanks D&B. Lots of unique and geeky wares were on sale from places like Fandom not Random, Geek Chic Comics, Harlequin Costumes, and many more!

Beautiful Bat-Family artwork by the talented Brett Booth!


Like any traditional Comic Con there was also Artist Alley jammed pack with some of the best names in the industry. The good thing about this convention was that it was super intimate in scale and that made for a neat experience. I was able to walk up and talk to some of the artists while they were doing commission sketches. Being able to introduce myself to Mike Kunkel, Art Thibert, Scott Koblish, Todd Nauck and Paolo Rivera  before the panel was invaluable. I was also able to score some top notch art from two of my favorite artists Eric Ninaltowski and Brett Booth. Meeting the writer of DC’s Batgirl Rebirth Hope Larson was a huge highlight for me. She was super sweet, signed some books and I totally fangirled.

Krista Lott poses with a spot on #HollywoodWolverine

As it is with most comic conventions there was a heavy cosplay element present. Comic Con Revolution took it one step further and was really aiming to up the wow factor. They were really encouraging the local cosplay crowd with the 1st annual Cosplay Revolution costume contest at the conclusion of the convention. They had a huge cash grand prize and lots of other giveaways as well. It was hosted by Angi Viper and Deadfnpool and really drew quite the crowd of people. Cosplay is such a huge part of these conventions and it is getting bigger every year, I love that ACE is really catering to that crowd. Fans of all ages can appreciate a good looking Wolverine like #HollywoodWolverine or some really elaborate costumes like a giant Optimus Prime fully decked out with lights and sounds!

Then it was time to get down to business. If you can call moderating a panel on Iconic Art with some of  Marvel and DC’s top artists business; then yes I was about to go to work. My work ended up being over an hour of hilarious hijinks and silly shenanigans. What more could a girl ask for! I asked the panel (*left to right* Art Thibert, Paolo Rivera, Todd Nauck, Scott Koblish, and Matthew Clark) lots of fun questions and even got the audience involved in a Marvel vs DC debate. The guys on the panel and the room seemed to be pretty split solid down the middle over the big two. It wasn’t a big surprise when that we ran a few minutes over because we were just having so much fun. It was such a great experience, and a fun event to be a part of.

Comic Con Revolution is planning on coming back to Ontario, Ca in 2018 for a 2 day event. May 19th and 20th are already on the books and I recommend you come check it out. Atomic Crush Events throws one hell of a party and the Inland Empire will never be the same.

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