10/10 for THE SURGEON #1 – KickStarter Alert

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Recently we told you about a KickStarter from Unlikely Heroes Studios for their upcoming book, THE SURGEON. We’ve gotten an early peek at the full first issue…and WOW it is amazing! Here’s the rundown:

THE SURGEON is Jenny Hanover, an orthopedic surgeon with a year to go on her residency when a world-wide calamity overtakes the earth. The nature of that event is not fully addressed in this issue, but there was enough warning that the richest of the rich found shelter underground…leaving the rest to put the pieces back together in a post-apocalyptic society. Jenny was not rich enough to make it underground, and so she has found herself traveling ever westward, giving medical care to all that she can, taking shelter for a time and then moving on. There are serious dangers on the way, but Jenny Hanover is more than capable of dealing with that as well.  She heals when she can, and kills when she must…and yet this character is far from clichéd.  In fact, THE SURGEON gives us an amazing, intelligent, badass protagonist in Jenny Hanover, one you can easily cheer for from the very first page.

The script by John Pence gives us a perfect introduction to the series – a well-paced story with just enough exposition to reel the reader in without going overboard. I’ve been a fan of Unlikely Heroes Studios from the beginning with SUPER! (well worth checking out btw) – but where SUPER! gave us an over-the-top parody of the superhero genre, THE SURGEON gives us a straight on adventure story with a serious dramatic punch. It’s an outstanding script with believable and intriguing characters.

The artwork for THE SURGEON comes from Zack Dolan (pencils), Laurie Foster (inks), and Eve Orozco (colors), with lettering by Erek Foster. Let’s just make this clear – the artwork in THE SURGEON is as good as anything the Big Two have delivered in years. You won’t find anything better, period.

Just an aside, possibly my favorite panel was from outside the closed underground entrance with the statue (not saying more, you’ll just have to see it for yourself). In a way, that panel gets across the attitude of the story perfectly.

As you can tell, I was absolutely impressed by THE SURGEON, and I can’t wait to see this story get to print.  THE SURGEON gets a 10/10 from us!

Now, this is where YOU come in.  How, you ask?

The KickStarter for THE SURGEON is still going on, and while they have hit their initial goal, there are still stretch goals to be met. This is an outstanding coming by a highly talented creative team, and they need you to be a part of the effort.  Full disclosure, I’m a backer – both on their general Patreon and on this KickStarter as well.  CLICK HERE to join the effort if you will – I think you’ll be glad you did!


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