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Welcome once again to THE 10 SPOT – TMStash’s round-up of the very best in Indie comics each week. This week brings us STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: STRANGER WORLDS #6 from IDW, GRASS KINGS #3 from BOOM!, and ETERNAL WARRIOR: AWAKENING #1 from Valiant! Let’s get started with…

STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: STRANGER WORLDS #6 (IDW/DC) – This series has delivered since page one of the first issue, and it goes out on a high note. The ending of STAR TREK/GREEN LANTERN: STRANGER WORLDS is every bit as epic as any fan could have hoped, with much respect to both fandoms. I have been impressed with the writing (by Mike Johnson) and the artwork (by Angel Hernandez, with colors by Mark Roberts) – all are top notch, and this series has been easily the most enjoyable crossover between publishers this reviewer has seen in a very long time. 10/10

GRASS KINGS #3 (BOOM!) – There is such an amazing depth and complexity to Matt Kindt’s tales – it’s one of many reasons why Kindt is one of our favorite writers. This issue of GRASS KINGS clears up one mystery – who is the woman who was pulled (alive) out of the lake – and we begin to get an inkling as to how (and more importantly, why) the Grass Kingdom was founded in the first place. This is a fantastic series, with Kindt at the top of his game, paired with excellent illustrations by Tyler Jenkins. 10/10

ETERNAL WARRIOR: AWAKENING #1 (Valiant) – Robert Venditti takes us back in time for an amazing story of Gilad Anni-Padda…one in which the Eternal Warrior has completely forgotten who he is! Yes, the term “Awakening” has important meaning here. The great thing about an “eternal” character is that you can literally place them in any era and still have a great story…that is, as long as you have a great writer like Robert Venditti on board. Renato Guedes gives us wonderful illustrations, with colors by Ulises Arreola. This looks like another hit for Valiant – and deservedly so. 10/10

That’s it for this week’s 10 SPOT – but we aren’t done yet with our round-up of great indie books! Be sure to look for PRESSED TO THE 9’s and THE GREAT 8’s for more reviews of amazing indie comics!

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