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Welcome once again to THE 10 SPOT – TMStash’s round-up of the very best in Indie comics each week. This week brings us NINJA-K #3 and X-O MANOWAR #11, both from Valiant! Let’s get started with…

NINJA-K #3 (Valiant) – This issue begins with a battle between Ninja-K and one of his predecessors, Ninja-C…and ends with some pretty shocking revelations about something called the Acclimation Bureau. That entity has caused a lot of bad things to happen over the years…and we are just looking at the tip of iceberg for this mystery. Every time we think we’ve discovered everything that Valiant can do with this outstanding character, we are (thankfully) proven wrong. Christos Gage is writing a terrific story here, with excellent artwork by Tomás Giorello with Roberto de la Torre (colors by Diego Rodriguez). NINJA-K is the ultimate mix of great action with strong emotional impact. 10/10

X-O MANOWAR #11 (Valiant) – “Heavy lies the head that wears the crown”. Aric has ruled the Visigoths, but he has never run an entire planet…and things are simply not going well.  In fact, everything is going about as badly as one could stand.  So, what’s a planet in turmoil to do? In this case, they turn against their savior and leader…Aric! Just who is in on this one may surprise you…but as always, there is more to Aric than his armor. The flagship of the Valiant Universe continues to fly high in another excellent story by Matt Kindt, with terrific artwork by Ryan Bodenheim and colors by the always amazing Andrew Dalhouse. 10/10

That’s it for this week’s 10 Spot – be sure to keep up with TMStash each week for reviews of the very best in indie comics!

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