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Welcome to another installment of The 10 Spot – a quick round-up of the very best books from indie publishers this week. Kicking off this week’s 10 Spot is…

THE DAMNATION OF CHARLIE WORMWOOD #2 (Dynamite) – This amazing title follows poor Charlie’s descent into despair…and a key choice that he must now make. How far would YOU go for your child? And, how bad can it get? Ohhhh, just wait till you get a load of THIS amazing story. I’m a huge fan of the digital version of this series on, and I’m VERY glad to see this tale in print. Christina Blanch and Chris Carr script this story, with wonderful B&W art by Chee. 10/10

RED SONJA #13 (Dynamite) – Gail Simone starts a new arc, as Sonja is cursed in a very strange…but significant way. By the way, it’s not a good idea to talk about how the She Devil smells, okay? Another great issue, wonderfully illustrated by Walter Geovani and colored by Adriano Lucas. This series is a personal favorite…and if you check it out I have it feeling it will be one of yours as well. 10/10

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG 1% (Valiant) – After Sect War, do you think everything was settled? Of course not…not even within each sect! This story of The 1% gives you all the chaos, all the insanity, and all the fun you could ever expect to see in an A&A tie-in…wow! Ray Fawkes writes, Joe Eisma illustrates, and Ulises Arreola colors this amazing, hilarious and action-packed book. 10/10

CLOCKWORK ANGELS #6 (BOOM!) – This issue concludes a great story based on the songs and lyrics of Neil Peart of Rush. It is a satisfying conclusion…but I’m still going to miss this wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated story. We find that Owen Hardy is a much sought after young man…but that “all is NOT well” for him no matter which side he chooses. Get this issue…and pick up the back issues as well. You’ll be glad you did. 10/10

DREAM POLICE #5 (Image/Joe’s Comics) – This series keeps getting deeper into the mystery and more entertaining with each issue. Sgt. Thursday finds his way to Recruiting…sounds simple, but that’s not an easy thing to do in this world of dreams. What he finds there could cause a dream-world of trouble! This mixture of noir crime novel and supernatural thriller is a LOT of fun, and I’ve been drawn in to this tale for some time…anxiously awaiting each new installment of the tale. J. Michael Straczynski writes, with Sid Kotian handling the pencils/inks and HiFi taking on colors. 10/10

GHOSTED #15 (Image/Skybound) – Speaking of great supernatural thrillers, GHOSTED has a powerful punch, with Jackson T. Winters in a very tough predicament. Trick’s son has a lot of dark magic on his side…and all he needs for even more power is for Winters to choose to die! A great conclusion to another amazing arc of GHOSTED, by Joshua Williamson, with art by Davide Gianfelice and colors by Miroslav Mrva. 10/10

INDESTRUCTIBLE #9 (IDW/Darby Pop) – Poor Greg Pincus, trapped at the People’s Choice awards with a gas that affects all super-powered people…wait a minute…Greg doesn’t REALLY have super powers, he just PRETENDS that he does…and that’s the genius of this series! If he moves, he proves himself a fraud. If he doesn’t, very, VERY bad things are about to happen. Can he save the day? Are you kidding me? Okay, WHO can save the day? Just check out this fantastic series, created by Jeff Kline, written by Ken Kristensen, illustrated by Giancarlo Caracuzzo and colored by Flavia Caracuzzo. 10/10

That’s it for our 10 Spot this week – but we still have more great indie comics in our “Pressed to the Nines” feature and our “Great Eights”. And, keep checking in throughout the week with TMStash for all your news, reviews and commentary!

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