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Welcome once again to THE 10 SPOT – TMStash’s round-up of the very best in Indie comics each week. This week brings us CROSSWIND #4 from Image, and RED SONJA V4. #9 from Dynamite! Let’s get started with…

CROSSWIND #4 (Image) – Gail Simone and Cat Staggs have given us an amazing body-switch story that avoids all the regular tropes. This isn’t “Freaky Friday” where everyone learns a neat lesson about how the other person feels and then flips back to their original selves like flipping a light switch. There are much deeper issues going here as our two protagonists finally speak to each other. Will they ever return to their old lives? How do they adjust to this new reality? And, what happens with the dangers that lurk around each (more so for Juniper in Cason’s body?). The writing and artwork are what you would expect from this amazing duo – easily worth a 10/10

RED SONJA V.4 #9 (Dynamite) – Amy Chu continues to prove that Red Sonja is a badass in any era, as the She Devil continues to adapt oh-so-well to today’s world. She continues to track down the bad guys without regard for even her own safety, leading to a somewhat explosive finale to the issue…and that’s without even going to the subplot back in Hyrkania with Kulan Gath! The artwork is superb thanks to Carlos Gomez (with colors by Mohan). 10/10

That’s it for this week’s 10 SPOT – but we aren’t done yet with our round-up of great indie books! Be sure to look for PRESSED TO THE 9’s and THE GREAT 8’s for more reviews of amazing indie comics!

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