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Welcome once again to THE 10 SPOT – TMStash’s round-up of the very best in Indie comics each week. This week brings us CROSSWIND #6 from Image, ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION #3 from Aftershock, SECRET WEAPONS ZERO from Valiant, and DOCTOR WHO: THE TWELFTH DOCTOR ADVENTURES YEAR THREE #11 from Titan! Let’s get started with…

CROSSWIND #6 (Image): I’d say “this ougta be a mini-series on TV”…but it IS going to be produced, and I’m very glad it is! This brings the current arc to an end…and I can’t help but hope for more. No, this isn’t “Freaky Friday” in spite of the swap of bodies…it is so much more in every way.  This is a great telling of lives changed (possibly) forever, and coming to accept their new truth in surprising ways. Gail Simone and Cat Staggs are an outstanding creative team, and this series is one you should absolutely not miss.  I’ve enjoyed every panel of every page. 10/10

ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION #3 (Aftershock): While the main ANIMOSITY title gives us the struggle for survival and safe haven for Jesse and Sandor, ANIMOSITY: EVOLUTION takes us to her eventual goal, giving us a window into what has happened to society since the “wake”.  Law and order (whatever there may have been) has been replaced by distrust and schemes that leaves this society hanging by a thread on a day-to-day basis.  We do find why Dr. North is the one truly trusted human in the city…and we also see what the black market is leading to in this City by the Bay. It’s a reflection on our own society, blended in to a fantastic world by writer Marguerite Bennett, with artwork by Eric Gapstur (colors by Rob Schwager). 10/10

SECRET WEAPONS ZERO (Valiant): In the recent SECRET WEAPONS mini-series we saw a group of psiots who had been cast aside for power considered “not good enough”. Of course, we found that they were far more than merely “good enough” with Livewire’s leadership.  This issue gives us the backstory of one of those psiots, Nikki Finch. Yes, the one who talks to birds…and yes, she is awesome. We see how she was brought into the program, and bring her up to the point where we picked up her story in the earlier series.  This is a great story by Eric Heisserer, with art by Adam Pollina and colors by David Baron. 10/10

DOCTOR WHO: THE TWELFTH DOCTOR ADVENTURES YEAR THREE #11 (Titan):  The televised adventures of the Twelfth Doctor may be at an end (pause just a moment to remember how great Peter Capaldi has been), but we can continue to follow him, along with Bill and Nardole, right here in the pages of an excellent series from Titan.  The group is dealing with a disabled ship filled with over five-hundred Heavenly Host…and even more problems than they had previously thought.  At the most difficult point, it comes time to call for help…and the source of that help may be even more trouble! A great story by Richard Dinnick with art by Francesco Manna (colors by Hi-Fi). 10/10

That’s it for this week’s 10 Spot. Join us again next week for more reviews of the BEST in indie comics!

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Ed is a long-time comics collector, going back to the days when comics were only 12 cents. He reviews DC titles and a variety of Indie publishers here at TMStash.

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